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KonkNaija Media | May 2, 2016

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2015 Presidential Elections: e-Violence And Social Media Campaign – Somadina Mbadiwe

2015 Presidential Elections: e-Violence And Social Media Campaign – Somadina Mbadiwe

| On 09, Jan 2015

t has been a season of e-violence as different factions on social media has taking different stands on who should be the president come February 2015.

Somadina Mbadiwe a graduate of Systems Engineering from the University Of Lagos and a social media observer  made an attempt to help these different faction see things from each other’s light.

Read below his observation:

On Presidential Election 2015:
Two of my friends, Alh Isah Nero Mutari and Jordan Pebbles Green have been leading the campaign for #‎GMB2015 and ‪#‎GEJ2015‬  respectively for some time now, almost e-Violently.
This is an attempt to help them see things from each other’s light.

1. The Pro-GEJ team argues that GEJ has done so much and are doing a lot to publicise his achievements. There’s also the fear of Islamisation of Nigeria and would prefer a Christian at the top. Apart from this religious sentiment, other sentiments such as Age and Education are also explored against GMB. This group will rather stay with the lesser evil than enthrone a “Boko Haram sponsor.”
This group have also studied GMB’s military government and have highlighted all the atrocities committed then. They use this information to come up with an image of the kind of person GMB is and the kind of things he’ll bring on board. GMB, they note, will be worse than GEJ and so should go home and rest.

2. The Pro-GMB group (read Anti-GEJ group) argues that GEJ has failed in all the places that matter most. Like in a unit course system, he has scored F in the courses with the highest units, and so have not performed well. Worse still, they purport that he has, by his actions, inactions and/or statements, worsens such evils as corruption, extravagance, impunity etc. Most in this group want change: anything but PDP/GEJ.
They realise that even though the change they clamour for might not turn out better, the fact that PDP can be dethroned will teach future politicians a lesson that power truly belongs to the people, so failure to deliver will end their stay in government. And this, they note, is good for our democracy.